Monday, October 27, 2008

I am a lazy artist (the Experts, etc.)

Yes, it's true. I can be pretty lazy sometimes with my art. Plus, I just enjoy scribbling... it's very relaxing. I kick myself for not doing it more often.

Anyway, Clarence Pruitt and I are on our way to finishing the first "the Experts" graphic novel. Usually, when I have a visual idea for something that Clarence will create for the final illustration... I'll scribble my idea down... and then Clarence will crank the pencils out... for real.

Here are the scribbles I recently sent to Clarence for the cover of "the Experts" graphic novel. They're not good... but they don't have to be. Clarence is an excellent draftsman... and requires very little direction.

He'll appreciate that I said that. ;o)


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