Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shelfabuse.com reviews "The Experts" graphic novel ...

The Experts vol. 1 TPB Review
by Carl Doherty

Near Mint Press, 2009.
 Story: Kenn Minter. 
Art: Clarence Pruitt (Jason Cheeseman-Meyer pencils pgs 37-43).

Like the Mystery Men and Great Lake Avengers before them, the Experts are a sympathetic team of assorted weirdoes and underdogs that spend as much time bickering between one another as they do fighting crime. Yes they have powers, but they’re not always capable of controlling them.

One foot planted firmly in the Silver Age, the squad consists of voodoo dealing Doctor Delta, green-skinned teen Ninja Witch, mechanical monster Emerald Yeti, the self-explanatory Mr. Elaztik, patriotic blonde Free Mary and the seemingly useless Naked Man. Together they fight crime under the guidance of veteran heroes The Scotsman and the Frost Queen, as well as scientist Bentley Winchester, whose camp, buffoonish personality is but an act to conceal his alter ego, the grim defender Nightguard.


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