Friday, April 1, 2011

North Of Center interviews Kenn Minter, reviews "I'm not from here" book 2 ...

Kenn Minter’s not from here
Comic artist signing new book at Morris

By Danny Mayer

Around NoC headquarters, we simply refer to Kenn Minter as “the professional.” With a full-time staff comprised totally of donated labor, bi-weekly commitments are tough to come by, and deadlines even more rare. Kenn’s contributions to the NoC comics page have remained steady and on deadline since our eighth issue (Aug 2009), when he began showing strips from his ongoing series I’m Not From Here on our back page. Since the beginning of this year, Minter has been contributing a new serial strip, Fierce Company, about a superhero with an excitable nose.

“The thing that makes Kenn professional,” I recall layout editor Keith Halladay explaining to me on many a night our first year in print, “is that he knows his space. With Minter you know you’re gonna get product, and that product is gonna be quality, and that quality is gonna fit in a pre-defined area.”

Coming from a layout editor of a print publication, and a generally cantankerous one at that, there is little higher praise.


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